Create Your Own Calling Cards

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A few months after Miss Petrie was born, I had calling cards made so if we met potential friends, I’d be ready to give them our information.  I ended up using these cards quite a bit and we made friends with many of the moms and babies I traded infomation with.  

I’ve finally run out of the Moo mini cards I bought over three years ago and I’m looking for a new card design.  I like these:

Brown Stripes Calling Card by Paper & Ink DesignsFlower Burst Calling Card by Paper & Ink DesignsTangerine Sunburst Calling Card by Red Stamp

kate spade letterpressed elephant icon calling cards

I have sheets of address labels.  I thought they could be mini calling cards.  I printed up my information.  I adhered the address labels to card stock and cut around the labels.


I have a wonderful Stampin’ Up! set of frame stamps.  This elegant design is part of that set.  I used blue ink and embossed the image with a clear glaze.


I made a set of calling cards for a friend’s daughter’s high school graduation.  These make an unusual, personalized gift and they are simple and inexpensive to create.

Have a wonderful weekend!  


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11 Responses to “Create Your Own Calling Cards”

  1. Fifi Flowers Says:

    VERY fashionable! Loving to look at Calling Cards that was one of my favorite things about Victoria magazine… I wish I could still find the book about Calling Cards… they found the best! Hmmmm… may have to saearch… thanks for getting my brain going in yet another direction!

  2. Adrienne @ Susan Palmer Designs Says:

    What a great idea as a gift! I love the nostalgia & personalization involved with calling cards — I hope you are starting a trend!

  3. Macey Says:

    Cute! Again…you already know that, I’m sure, since I tell you it every day! : )
    Have a great Friday!

  4. Julia @ Hooked on Houses Says:

    These are so cool! I could really use some of these with my blog address on it and e-mail to hand out when people ask for it. One of these days I’ll get around to it, anyway… :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. DesignTies Says:

    These calling cards are a great idea!! Much easier to just hand someone a card with your info than to search for a pen and paper to write it on!!

    I really like the white & brown striped card. And using the address labels and a stamp is a great way to make your own personalized cards :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  6. Holly Says:

    What a great gift idea! I like that you handmade them.

  7. Daly Essentials Says:

    what a great idea to hand make them! so cute!

  8. Olive Rue Says:

    Oh these are pretty. Thanks for reminding me. I need to order some too. And thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m off to take a lot around yours now.

  9. MyThoughtsMyVoice Says:

    Nice! You always come up with great project ideas for someone like me.


  10. ImagineCozy Says:

    I have been wanting to get calling cards for foreverrrr. . . I just need to design one.

    I love your blog design it is clever and beautiful!

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