A Thrift Store Shopping Spree

Thanks to Homebody Holly for hosting Thrift Store Thursday and Bloggeritaville for hosting Thrifty Thursday.


I did quite a bit of thrift store shopping this week.  I had $3 off of $10 coupons for both Savers and Thrift Town.  I know, I’m such a big spender!

At Savers-

I got this cloche/baked goods cover for $2.99. 


I had planned on using these animals for an Easter egg hunt, but now I think I might use them for crafting.  These were a little more expensive than I wanted to pay, but much cheaper than something similar at Target.


My dad went to the University of Michigan.  I think this tissue paper will make his Father’s Day gift look really wolverine-ish.  ;)


Miss Petrie has been really into buying and selling and exchanging money.  When it’s my turn to sell her something she always tells me my price is “‘spensive!!”.  This money drawer had lots of bills and coins in very good condition.  


At Thrift Town-

I got an egg wreath!  Woo hoo!!  I’ll fancy it up for Spring next year by adding a bird over the missing paint.


I’m trying to hold off on buying Miss Petrie clothes, but little dresses are so cute on her.  


These fairy dolls were in beautiful condition.  The best thing we found at Thrift Town was Dora the Explora’s backpack.  Miss Petrie was enchanted by the map attached to the backpack.  It was a total deal at $.99.


I got this iridescent shredded paper for gift bags I’ll be making for my friend’s baby shower.  I do free-hand embroidery and I thought this embroidering contraption would help keep my fabric steady.


I spent less than $20 on my spending spree.  On my next few outings, I’ll be on the lookout for a big silver tray to turn into a message board and a big frame to make into an accessories holder.

Happy hunting!

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7 Responses to “A Thrift Store Shopping Spree”

  1. leigh from bloggeritaville Says:

    Wow! You got some great bargains! I love that egg wreath. It looks like the one my friend Chandy had at her blog, I was eyeing it there too. I love it! And smart to snatch it up-the idea to add a bird-awesome! Great thrifts! Thanks for playing along!

  2. Holly Says:

    What a score on the egg wreath! You got lots of good stuff this week. Thanks for joining up!

  3. songbirdtiff Says:

    Great finds! I love the first cloche. I can never find those around here!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kristin Says:

    You got all of that stuff for $20 – now that was a thrifty shopping spree! Your little one is going to look darling in that dress. :)

  5. Sheryl Says:

    Love your finds! My 13 year old DD was mentioning that Dora the Explorer will be going through a makeover so she’s older???

  6. beccabas Says:

    I’ve been impressed with the number and variety of thrift stores in ABQ — I’m trying to compile a complete list but keep finding more!

  7. Macey Says:

    Okay, so I’m late on this post too! But I’m so excited because in your thrift store finds you got an egg wreath!!!! I also got one at Goodies (Goodwill) a couple weeks ago. 2.99! Basically brand new! Except for some chipped paint which I think I’m gonna re-do with fabric maybe…? Anyway, it was my first trip to Goodwill in about a thousand years…
    Thanks for visting me at my blog!

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