School Color Inspired Scarf

Miss Petrie’s school colors are red, blue and yellow.  She wears a uniform to school in one or more of these colors every school day.  Mr. Petrie used his nifty knitting skills to make her a school color inspired scarf.

It’s been darn cold in Albuquerque the past few days!  The temperature is chilly, but the wind chill makes it very cold.  Spring in New Mexico is generally windy, but combined with the cold, it’s pretty yucky.  Good thing Miss Petrie has a cute, warm scarf!

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2 Responses to “School Color Inspired Scarf”

  1. Patricia Says:

    That gorgeous scarf is almost as cute as Miss Petrie. Keep warm! Love, Mom

  2. MiMi Says:

    Aw, that scarf is cool! And she looks adorable.

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