What I’m Reading This Week

I’m starting school again this week, so most of my reading will center around communication using technology.  It should be interesting.  But when I’m reading for my own escapist pleasure, I choose kick-ass heroines, romance, mystery.  I also like to read material that will make me a better person or at least a more efficient person.

I just finished

Book: The Girl Who Played With Fire

Pages: 724

By: Stieg Larsson

Favorite Character: Lisbeth Salander who is young, a brilliant master hacker and socially retarded.  I wondered as I read this second book in the series if perhaps she had multiple personalities.

Recommend It: Oh, yeah!  I’m looking forward to the third book in the trilogy.  Hurry up public library!  I need to get my read on.

I’ve just started

I’ll let you know what I think when I finish it.

Happy reading.

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  1. MiMi Says:

    I’ve read the first in that series but now I need to read the last 2!

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