Miss Petrie’s 5th Birthday Invitation

We’ve always made invitations for Miss Petrie’s parties.  This year it has been tough to get out the crafting materials, but I am able to do computer work.  I had Miss Petrie dress up in her favorite ballet outfit and we went out to the back yard for a photo shoot.

I used a pink filter and softened the background.  Then I added the invitation text in a cool font.  I used a 50% off coupon to print the invitations at Walgreens.  The invitations look adorable!

We’re taking a few of our (kid) friends (and their parents) to see a children’s version of The Nutcracker.  Miss Petrie has been taking ballet for a few months and I think she will appreciate the show.

Have a lovely day.

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3 Responses to “Miss Petrie’s 5th Birthday Invitation”

  1. MiMi Says:

    What a fabulous invite! I bet she will have the best time! :)

  2. Patricia Says:

    Ah, to be five and have fresh dreams for a wonderful birthday…Happy Birthday, lovely girl!

  3. MiMi Says:

    Girlie, I need your e-mail! LOL
    It’s funny you asked about the MS flare ups with weight loss.
    When I was diagnosed with it in 2004 I had lost about 40-50 lbs before the initial onset.
    So I’m right around that area in my weight loss right now and I’m wondering if I’m gonna have one…it worries me.
    But anyway, I don’t notice it having an effect on the disease yet…or maybe it’s been a small thing so I haven’t noticed? I don’t know.

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