October To Do List

I continue to work on the to do list from August/September.  I did get a few things done.  I wanted to do more, but sometimes running a household smoothly and getting daily work done is more important than the other list items.  We’ve also had the pleasure of family visiting this month, which clearly takes precedent over the to do list! ;)

October To Do List

  • Take yard stuff to the dump.
  • Put a few high end items on eBay.  I’ve never done this before.
  • Prime and paint the ensuite bathroom cabinet.  I’m thinking white.
  • Finish removing rock from the ground in the backyard and replace it with mulch.
  • Start collecting color ideas for painting the exterior house trim.
  • Price out exterior shutters for added curb appeal.  Collect paint color options for the shutters.  We did go to the ReStore to see if there was a used shutter option, but no such luck.  I need to go to a few home improvement stores and price out our options.
  • Remove lots and lots and lots of yucky bushes from the front yard. We started the process, but there’s still a looonnnngggg way to go!
  • See an advisor for my graduate program.  I have some ideas for my thesis and I need to start taking elective classes to support it. I saw my advisor and we mapped out a plan for the next few semesters.
  • Get my hair cut.  I have not had my hair cut since the end of December!  Ridiculous. Finally, I took the time and I got my hair cut.
  • Weed in the back and front yard. We did the front yard this past weekend and I did the back yard this week.  I also added some mulch to the ground for additional weed protection.
  • Order a new garbage can from the cityThe city replaced the broken garbage can lid and it works perfectly.

I hope you are accomplishing the items on your to do lists.  Have a wonderful day.

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  1. MiMi Says:

    Seriously. Ebay? It’s awesome if you price it right. If you don’t, you end up sorta screwed. :( And that happened to me, as you can tell. Cuz I was a dumbass.

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