Gift Bag Re-Purposing

Every frugal person has an area of frugality that sort of veers into cheapness.  Mine is gift wrapping.  I save every gift bag, unwrinkled tissue paper, and ribbon.  I’ve even been known to keep cards and re-make them into post cards or gift decorations.  I think I learned some of these habits from all the pioneer (Laura Ingalls’ Little house books) reading I did as a kid.  I’d rather spend a little more on the gift than spend that money on wrapping.  But, I do know that beautiful wrapping can really make a gift.

So, I did a little experiment and pushed my wrapping boundaries this past week.  I cut up a perfectly good gift bag to use as wrapping paper.  The gift I had was going to be mailed and the bag didn’t fit into the USPS box.  And I had no wrapping paper.  However, I did have a bunch of gift bags!

Choose a bag in which your gift fits.

Cut the base of the bag off.

Now you have a long, rectangular piece of paper.  Wrap your gift as you would with wrapping paper.

Fancy up the wrapped gift!

Cute?  I thought so.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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