Back from the Sun City

The girls and I were visiting my family last week.  We had lots of fun with the family and I tried to take lots of pictures.

My mom with Miss Petrie at the Albuquerque Museum. My mom drove back to New Mexico with us, which gave us some fun girl time!

My mom and maternal grandma with Miss Petrie Deux.

My brother, paternal grandmother and the Petrie girls.

My aunt with Miss Petrie.

My dad enjoyed having his grandaughers at his house.

My brother, the Petrie girls and our cousins.

Me, the grandmas and Miss Petrie Deux.

My dad and brother

My cutie younger cousin with the girls.

Me and Miss Petrie at the museum.

We had a wonderful time, but we’re happy to be back at Casa Petrie.

Have a relaxing weekend.

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  1. MiMi Says:

    Girl, your family is gorgeous!!!

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