A Baby Boy Shower Invitation

Thanks to Chari at Happy To Design for hosting Sunday Favorites.

My good friend Aja is having a baby boy and some friends and I are throwing her a shower.  I usually offer to make invitations because I think it’s a nice keepsake for the mom-to-be.  

This idea came from the March/April 2009 issue of Paper Crafts Magazine.  (Check this link to see their example and template.) I adjusted the idea to work with what I had on hand.  I also wanted the cute animal to look a little more modern and less baby-ish. 


First of all, I used this chartreuse paper with crimson and white circles for the body. I did this for two reasons: the paper was in my stash and it is awesome!

Instead of using ribbon as hair, I cut up pieces of felt I had from another project.  It just so happened that the felt matched perfectly.  

The original example animals weren’t glued to cardstock, but I needed space for text on the back of the invitation.  

I used a tag punch for the cute Dollar Tree “It’s A Boy!” stamp.  There was some scrap chartreuse paper left, so I used it to give the tag some more visual weight.  

Mr. Petrie bought me crafting supplies for Mother’s Day and my loot included a grommet/metal brad tool. The grommet (on the tag) and brad (the giraffe’s eye) give the card a more finished look.

I hope you are enjoying a leisurely weekend.  Stay cool!

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8 Responses to “A Baby Boy Shower Invitation”

  1. Macey Says:

    Verrrrry cute!

  2. Kathy's Red Door Welcome Says:

    This is so darling. I love that you used things you already had. The thought that goes into something handmade is inspiring.

  3. Lori E Says:

    Friends of my son just had a baby and the room is decorated in a giraffe theme with tan, brown and green like yours. Very cute.

  4. Lynn Guinn Says:

    Lucky YOU! Your husband buys you crafting items for Mother’s Day?!
    Mine says, “you aren’t my mother.”

  5. Cristiana Gemoets-Johnson Says:

    Love the card! So cute and colorful!!–Cristiana

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